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Geneva, Switzerland – 13 July 2023 – At the occasion of today's unveiling of the club's new shirts, Servette FC is pleased to announce that MSC Cruises, Europe's leading cruise line with headquarters in Geneva, has become its major partner for the next three seasons.

This collaboration between the club and the prestigious cruise line anchors a new partnership in the city where both institutions are based.

Servette FC president Thierry Regenass expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration: "We are delighted to welcome MSC Cruises as a major partner of Servette FC. This partnership strengthens our club and shows the deep link that unites our two entities with the city of Geneva, which is their home. In addition to their Geneva identity, our two institutions share many common values such as passion, discipline and team spirit. We are delighted to welcome MSC Cruises to the SFC family.”

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises, said: "As a family company based in Geneva, we are honored to become the major partner of Servette FC, an emblematic club of the city. This partnership represents a commitment to our local community and our passion for teamwork. We look forward to experiencing some unforgettable moments with Servette FC fans."

This new partnership between Servette FC and MSC Cruises promises to bring a unique dynamic, celebrating both sport and the travel industry, while strengthening the links between the club, the cruise line and the canton of Geneva.