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Distance medical care for junior cruisers is now possible thanks to on-shore support from the Giannina Gaslini Paediatric Institute, in Genoa 

Genoa, 9 July 2014 – MSC Cruises has become the first cruise line in the world to offer guests a 24/7 paediatric telemedicine service on board, through a partnership with the Giannina Gaslini Institute, in Genoa, Italy, a world-class centre of excellence in paediatric medicine.

MSC Cruises will install new technology across its entire fleet to enable the distance care of children with onshore support from specialists at the Gaslini Institute. Once operational, MSC Cruises’ onboard doctors will be able to consult specialist paediatricians at any time to seek a second opinion or carry out procedures such as remote diagnosis, radiology and monitoring.  

No other cruise company in the world provides such a service, which will bring peace of mind to the thousands of families that take cruise holidays every year.  

The project was presented this morning in Genoa by the CEO of MSC Cruises, Gianni Onorato, the Director General of the Giannina Gaslini Institute, Paolo Petralia, and the President of the Liguria Region, Claudio Burlando. 

Mr Onorato said: “MSC Cruises is a family-owned company and we strongly believe in caring for the health and safety of our guests on board, with particular attention to younger travellers, who can require help and treatment quite different from other age groups. We’re really excited about this collaboration, which is particularly adapted to our family cruises, no matter where in the world. Paediatric telemedicine is an addition to other existing services on our ships, such as teleradiology and teleconsultation, for a cruise holiday where we can respond to any need." 

 "The expertise of our specialists is being made available beyond the walls of the Gaslini,” said the Director General of the Gaslini, Paolo Petralia. “This enables onboard doctors to confirm their diagnoses and treatments using a cutting-edge system of remote image and data transmission. All this reaffirms the Gaslini Institute’s commitment to offer the best care everywhere while developing the most advanced and efficient means of care and information technology."  

This innovation further improves onboard medical responses through diagnostic and therapeutic functions that were once only possible on land. The link-up, via satellite, will be available on all MSC Cruises itineraries anywhere on the planet.  

The telemedicine technology is managed by Carestream, which has developed a platform to enable requests for distance consultation to be made easily from the remotest locations, allowing Gaslini doctors to move quickly with diagnoses and referrals. The process is fully computerized, from the consultation request to the response, and respects the highest of safety standards.