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The company achieves “best booking month” in its history

Geneva, 17 February 2014 – MSC Cruises is pleased to announce that in the last 30 days the number of people who booked an MSC cruise, choosing to experience the joys of the Mediterranean way of life on board, reached a record high, totalling 208,262 travellers.

Among some of the favourites of MSC’s future on board guests are MSC Divina’s glamorous exploration of the Caribbean during the summer, MSC Lirica’s sophisticated sailing through the hidden jewels of the Mediterranean and Northern Europe sailings, offering a unique perspective on some of the world’s most stunning natural wonders or a visit to the beautiful capital cities of the Baltic.  

This announcement coincides with the recent launch of the #MEDWAYOFLIFE campaign that provides a glimpse into the essence of an MSC travel: that special connection to the sea, that magic instant when land emerges from the horizon, the joyful meeting of tastes, the enjoyment of letting time casually drift by, the slow harmony that everyday life may have lost, the idea that if the world is a magical theatre, we should have a front-row seat.