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• Largest shopping area to date with 30% more space than MSC Meraviglia

• Exclusive products and offers from leading international brands
• Pioneering retail entertainment concept offers guests an immersive shopping experience

Geneva, Switzerland, 21 February 2019 - MSC Cruises, the Swiss-based world’s largest privately-owned cruise company and market leader in Europe, South America and the Gulf, revealed new details of the incredible retail offering on board the Company’s new flagship MSC Bellissima with the largest shopping area in the fleet to date at 750 m2. With an ever-expanding array of luxury brands as well as popular high street names, MSC Bellissima is set to inspire guests from all around the globe with a unique experiential retail offering. MSC Bellissima will feature in shopping space, building on MSC Cruises’ already stellar shopping offer, which clinched the Cruise & Ferry Line Retailer of the Year 2018 award at the Frontier Awards.

MSC Cruises Head of Retail Adrian Pittaway shared, “The beauty of cruise travel is that guests have time on their hands whilst the ship is at sea unlike other travel retail touchpoints. We are continuously looking to further enrich the onboard experience so when it comes to retail we want to offer more than just a classic shopping plaza with souvenirs and essentials. We are seeking to take shopping at sea to the next level with an experiential approach and combining shopping with entertainment. We work hand in hand with our partner brands to find ways to tailor their products to the setting of the cruise.”

One of the key features of MSC Bellissima will be the Mediterranean-style promenade. Designed as the social hub of the ship, this 96-metre long promenade topped with a mesmerising 80-metre LED dome attracts guests throughout the day and night to shop, eat and drink as well as enjoy a whole host of entertainment activities. In addition, a new team of Retail Ambassadors will be on hand to create an environment of ‘experience retail,’ unique to the cruise industry.

No longer simply a place to purchase mementos, the promenade is rich with “retail entertainment”. MSC Bellissima will be the first ship where the retail team collaborates directly with the entertainment team to determine the best way to involve guests, crafting a party-like atmosphere. Perhaps most notable is the 60s-themed Flower Glory party, where thanks to external partner Ray Ban, guests will have a chance to shop and party together, win exclusive t-shirts or purchase limited edition sunglasses to complete their look, all whilst dancing the night away.

The dynamic atmosphere of the Galleria will be enhanced with nightly retail events, including competitions, offers, fashion shows and lucky draws, making for a fun, social and interactive shopping experience, complete with exclusive promotions like gifts with purchase and special offers.


Pittaway continued, “With each new ship we look at how to enhance the retail space and as an international company that welcomes more than 170 nationalities on board, we need to ensure that what we offer can be tailored to the needs of our guests depending on where the ship is positioned.”

With plans for the ship to head to Asia in spring 2020, the retail offering will be tailored to cater specifically to the shopping preferences of Asian guests. Available modifications include the ability to swap out language, service and style, including changing the purpose of certain areas. For instance, when the ship sails to Asia, the range of luxury and beauty products will feature brands that resonate with an Asian market, with a particular focus on beauty and luxury brands.


MSC Bellissima’s expanded experiential retail space will feature three additional shops – for a total of 13 - as well as an increased array of 200 major brands including the widest selection of own label logo items on any cruise ship. The list of brands includes an increased luxury offering, featuring beauty products by Guerlain and the most comprehensive Dior beauty selection. In the three luxury watch and jewellery boutiques on board, guests will find the likes of Bulgari, Damiani and Chopard, as well as a wide selection of premium watches, including Omega, Longines and Tag Heuer. Other favourites will also return, such as Italian accessories brands Furla and Coccinelle, as well as international clothing brands like Armani Exchange, Lacoste and Calvin Klein.

For the first time on board an MSC Cruises ship, MSC Bellissima will include a technology shop in the, offering connected products, including wearables and leading tech brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Apple, Samsung and more.

Awarded the prestigious Sunglasses Retailer of the Year at the Sunglasses Awards in Cannes, MSC Cruises is also the only in-house operator of sunglasses retail on board cruise ships, offering the biggest ever selection of sunglasses brands aboard MSC Bellissima, purposefully created to cater to the tastes of 150+ nationalities on board the ship.

MSC Cruises works hand-in-hand with leading brands to create exclusive products only available on board. Long-term partner of 10 years, Swarovski has something special for those looking for a little sparkle and style. Limited edition Mandarin Ducks make the perfect gift for a loved one and with only 300 pieces this is a real treasure and MSC Bellissima will be the only ship to feature the Swarvoski Statement Collection. Or take home an exclusive Swarovski MSC pen and for those with a sweet-tooth, our partner chocolatier Jean Philippe Maury has created a tempting chocolate truffle featuring the iconic Swarovski swan logo.

For the ship’s younger guests, partner brands LEGO and Chicco each offer exclusive MSC Cruises ship toys, while Danish jewelry brand Trollbeads newly introduced the MSC Tattoo bead, featuring a sterling silver ship sailing through the MSC Cruises wind rose. British jewelry brand Infinity & Co also offer exclusive captain’s wheel charms created exclusively for MSC.

For more information about MSC Bellissima, please visit here.


Together with MSC, Danish jewellery brand Trollbeads now launches the exclusive MSC Tattoo bead. The bead fits the Trollbeads jewellery, and it is up to you to choose whether it should go on a bracelet in sterling silver, a necklace or maybe on a fashionable leather bracelet.

The bead includes symbols of the sea, such as the North star, the ocean and of course the vessels. These elements combined with a touch of the classic sailor tattoo trend gave birth to the bead which is now being sold exclusively on board selected MSC vessels. The exquisite craftsmanship of Trollbeads’ jewellery is only truly complete when you match the different components that tell your stories in your own personal way. Because your individuality, the way you live your life and the meaning you attach to each bead is the true beauty of Trollbeads.