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• MSC Cruises and Bocelli Wines launch a signature collection of spa treatments on MSC Seaside 

• Luxurious facial and body treatments use LAJATICA vinotherapy products from Bocelli Wines
• MSC Aurea Spa guests will benefit from boosted circulation, reduced signs of agingand brightened skin tone

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, 4th of April 2018 - MSC Cruises, the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line, has launched a signature collection of spa treatments, created with the LAJATICA vinotherapy products from Bocelli Wines. Exclusive to the MSC Aurea Spa, the treatments debuted on the Miami-based MSC Seaside, and will soon be introduced on MSC Cruises ships fleet-wide. Strengthened by the anti-aging and firming properties found in grapes, these luxurious facial and body treatments are made with natural extracts from the Bocelli family vineyards and blended with Tuscan plants and essential oils.

MSC Cruises strives to enhance the onboard experience for guests in each of its partnerships in a way that reflects the Company’s Mediterranean heritage and family spirit. Bocelli Wines, like MSC Cruises, is a family-owned business sharing the same values of tradition, excellence and passion. The Bocelli family has been producing small-yield wine with a handmade artesian style for 180 years and its collection represents the very best of Italian wine. The vineyard is currently run by Alberto Bocelli, whose brother, the world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli, has held a relationship with MSC Cruises since he performed at the christening of MSC Poesia in 2008.

The vinotherapy cosmetic range, LAJATICA, is named for the Lajatico region in Tuscany where the Bocelli family has long-held its family estate and the grapes from the vineyard are a key ingredient. Throughout her life, Andrea’s grandmother, Andreina, was known to prepare a compote of red grapes and wild herbs which she used to hydrate her skin. Passed down through generations, this “beauty secret,” was considered to be the source of her youthful appearance, and in later years, these results would be supported with scientific findings.

Known as “nature’s antioxidants,” grapes contain powerful compounds called polyphenols, which fight free radicals and stimulate the renewal of cells and collagen. The results are clear, with skin showing a more refined, youthful appearance. These polyphenols are up to 50 times stronger than vitamin E and 20 times stronger than vitamin C. Grapes also contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B1, C, E and K; in addition to magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. MSC Cruises worked to create a series of unique treatments using the LAJATICA cosmetics range to offer guests the rich benefits of Italian grapes.
MSC Aurea Spa guests will benefit from boosted circulation, reduced signs of ageing, improved digestion and brightened skin tone. The treatments come in many forms, from traditional massages using essential oils, to baths and peels, and are recommended for those wishing to counteract problems with skin elasticity and hydration, as well as to strengthen their blood vessels, thereby improving microcirculation.

Eight different luxury, wine-based treatments have been developed exclusively for MSC Cruises using the LAJATICA beauty products and are designed for both men and women, which include three different body treatments, a luxurious Mediterranean Citrus Body Massage and four facials, one specifically designed for men. 

Vinotherapy is just one of the many varieties of treatment options in the MSC Aurea Spa’s top-to-toe beauty, wellness and pampering offering. Every ship in the MSC Cruises fleet features an authentic Balinese Spa with an unparalleled beauty offering at sea. The highly trained, specialised staff offer an extensive choice of services to help guests relax, refresh and rejuvenate. MSC Seaside features the largest MSC Aurea Spa to-date with the widest variety of facilities, including: the MSC Gym, outfitted with the latest equipment from TECHNOGYM™ (the world-leading company in wellness and fitness); a stylish hair salon from global hairstyling brand Jean Louis David; as well a state-of-the-art thermal area with a unique Snow Room and Salt Relax Area.

To make the most out of their cruise, guests can pre-book a spa package. For those guests who want a true pampering and wellbeing holiday, the MSC Aurea Experience offers a whole host of benefits and services. To find out more about MSC Aurea Spa visit here.


MSC Cruises is 's werelds grootste privé-cruiserederij en nummer één in Europa en Zuid-Amerika. Het bedrijf is een game-changer in de cruisewereld en heeft in de eerste tien jaar een groei van 800% behaald hetgeen heeft geleid tot een wereldwijde reputatie in de sector en een van de jongste cruisevloten op zee. MSC Cruises heeft haar hoofdkantoor in Genève.
De MSC Cruises-vloot bestaat momenteel uit 14 ultramoderne, zeer innovatieve en elegant ontworpen schepen, die een ongeëvenaarde vakantie-ervaring bieden met altijd heerlijke en authentieke gerechten, bekroond entertainment, veel ontspanning, comfortabele accommodatie, evenals een onberispelijke service en expertise.
In het kader van het ambitieuze, ongekende investeringsplan van € 10,5 miljard, zal de vloot tegen 2026 uitgebreid zijn tot 24 cruiseschepen. Tot nu toe heeft MSC Cruises zes nieuwe scheepsklassen ontworpen, allen prototypen die de grenzen van maritieme architectuur en ontwerp verleggen.
MSC Cruises voelt zich verantwoordelijk voor de fysieke en menselijke omgeving waarin het opereert. Het bedrijf opereert met het grootste respect voor de oceanen van de wereld en is voortdurend bezig met het verder ontwikkelen van innovatieve manieren om de milieu-impact van zijn cruise-passages te verminderen.
De vakantieactiviteiten van MSC Cruises worden over de hele wereld verkocht via een distributienetwerk in 67 landen. Het bedrijf heeft wereldwijd meer dan 17.000 mensen in dienst, zowel aan de wal als aan boord van haar schepen. MSC Cruises maakt deel uit van de MSC Group, welke bestaat uit toonaangevende transport- en logistieke bedrijven.
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With high quality, certified natural, raw ingredients, LAJATICA cosmetics are free from petroleum derivatives, silicones or parabens, and are never tested on animals. They contain a high concentration of grape polyphenols, include resveratrol, which has been called "the molecule of eternal youth." This antioxidant is found in the skin of grapes and inhibits free radicals, which can extend the lifespan of cells by up to 70%.
By using leftover “waste products” from the wine-making process, LAJATICA products reduce waste by using the peels, stems and seeds to create their creams and serums.


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