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•    Glittering christening event to be hosted by TV star Michelle Hunziker
•    Discover the features of the new mega-ship through the experiences of international personalities and content creators
•    Ramon Freixa to launch first restaurant at sea on board MSC Seaview

Geneva, Switzerland May 25 May 2018 – With just 15 days until the Christening of MSC Cruises’ new state-of-the-art flagship MSC Seaview, the leading cruise company in Europe announced today that Michelle Hunziker will host the glamorous event as the Master of Ceremonies in Genoa on June 9th. Born in Switzerland and now a popular star in Italy, the talented actress, TV presenter, model and singer embodies the international spirit of MSC Cruises. Screen-legend and Godmother of all MSC Cruises ships since 2003, Sophia Loren will be present to perform the traditional cutting of the ribbon to name the ship. Other special guest stars at the Christening include Lorella Cuccarini and the 50-strong children’s choir "Piccolo Coro Dell'Antoniano" who previously recorded the song “I Can Believe – MSC for UNICEF” as the a soundtrack for the UNICEF awareness raising efforts on board MSC Cruises ships.  

To enable audiences at home to fully discover everything that MSC Seaview has to offer, MSC Cruises is collaborating with a select group of international personalities and content creators who will explore and discover the ship, sharing their experiences with their social media audiences across the globe. Each will bring their own unique style of storytelling to bring the innovative ship to life, the stars include English YouTube creator Fun for Louis,Italian film-makers The Jackal German lifestyle gurus Maren and Tobias Wolf as well as Spanish model and actor Jon Kortajarena and Brazlian presenters and actors Giovanna Ewbank and André Marques.

MSC Cruises also revealed today that the partnership with Ramon Freixa will see the award-winning Spanish chef launch his first restaurant at sea exclusively on board MSC Seaview. Ocean Cay by Ramon Freixa is a luxury fish and shellfish restaurant that will offer a mouth-watering menu of dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Dishes include sophisticated scallop ‘a la gallega’ with Iberian ham, fideuá of king crab and duck confit and roasted sea bass with rosemary salt.

Following on from the successful launch of Asian Market Kitchen by Roy Yamaguchi on board MSC Seaside, Pan-Asian chef Roy Yamaguchi will be introducing his second restaurant in collaboration with MSC Cruises on board restaurant on board MSC Seaview. With three restaurants each with their own distinctive style and menu, Roy’s dishes are made with fresh ingredients inspired by flavours of childhoods spent in Hawaii and Japan.

This summer, MSC Seaview, designed for the Mediterranean, will bring guests a unique and distinctive way to enjoy the sea. Quite unlinke any other cruise ship that will sail in this popular cruise region, MSC Seaview promises guests an unforgettable cruise holiday. With a ground-breaking design, cutting-edge guest technology, a rich array of dining options, world-class entertainment, an award-winning family offering, stylish and comfortable accomodation, the innovative new flag-ship from MSC Cruises will really turn heads this summer.

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About MSC Cruises
MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company and the number one cruise line in Europe and South America. A game-changer in the world of cruises, the Company has achieved 800% growth in its first ten years, building a global reputation in the industry and one of the youngest cruise fleets at sea. MSC Cruises is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The MSC Cruises fleet currently comprises 14 ultra-modern, highly innovative and elegantly designed ships, offering an unparalleled holiday experience with always delicious and authentic food, award-winning entertainment, plenty of relaxation, comfortable accommodation, as well as impeccable service and expertise.

Under its ambitious industry-unprecedented €10.5 billion investment plan, the fleet is set to expand to 24 mega-cruise ships by 2026. To date, MSC Cruises has designed six new ship classes, all prototypes that push the boundaries of marine architecture and design.

MSC Cruises feels a deep responsibility towards the physical and human environments in which it operates. The Company operates with the greatest respect for the world’s oceans and is on an ongoing journey to further develop innovative ways of lowering the environmental impact of its cruise passages.

MSC Cruises’ holiday experiences are sold across the globe through a distribution network in 67 countries. The Company employs over 17,000 people worldwide, both ashore and on board its ships. MSC Cruises is part of MSC Group which is comprised of leading transport and logistics companies.

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