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What inspired you to want to personalise the hull of MSC Euribia?

MSC Euribia is set to be our most environmentally advanced ship to date and one of the most environmentally high-performance contemporary vessels ever built anywhere in the world – it’s a true milestone for our company. For this, we wanted to do something special and out of the ordinary that really highlights our deep commitment to protecting the seas. What better way to send a message around the world than on the hull of our ship?

Our Company has over 300 years of maritime experience and this is more than a passion project for us, it is about protecting our livelihood and our home.

What makes MSC Euribia environmentally-advanced?

MSC Euribia will be our second LNG-powered ship, following on from MSC World Europa. LNG is a solid step towards realising our ambition of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 2050. LNG fuel substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions, by up to 21% compared to standard marine fuels, while also virtually eliminating other air emissions such as sulphur oxides, nitrogenous oxides and fine particles. But it doesn’t stop there as we consider LNG as a transitional fuel and we continue to support the advancement and commercialisation of other low carbon marine, non-fossil-based fuel options including bio-LNG, green hydrogen, ammonia and methanol. We are currently engaged in several R&D projects to test fuels and technologies for the future.

What other environmental technologies does MSC Euribia feature?

This isn’t just all about LNG as our ships are designed with the latest environmental technologies and practices to reduce our impact on the environment. On MSC Euribia, this includes using energy-efficient LED and fluorescent lighting throughout the ship, controlled by smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) to save energy. In fact, our HVAC systems recover heat from machineries. Thanks to these smart management systems, we can utilise sensors to make informed decisions and maintain the onboard temperature in the various areas throughout MSC Euribia’s entire itinerary. We use a special anti-fouling paint on the hull that avoids marine organisms like barnacles from growing and substantially reduces drag, keeping the efficiency when the ship is sailing meaning that the ship uses less fuel.

Our future-proof technologies also include installing a best-in-class waste management centre to ensure that all solid rubbish is segregated on the ship, making sure we recycle as much as possible, and advanced wastewater treatment system that comply with the world’s strongest standards (the so called Baltic Standard) and turn black and grey wastewater to near tap-water quality. MSC Euribia is fitted with a freshwater production plant, meaning that we minimise taking this precious resource from destinations ashore where freshwater can be scarce.
In addition, MSC Euribia is able to connect to local power grids at port, which allow engine to be stopped during the port calls, substantially reducing local air emissions while the ship is close to urban areas.

The ship will also feature an underwater noise management system that minimises the amount of noise and vibrations that the ship and engines emit through the water, insolating and limiting disturbance on marine life.
Can you take us through how you will select the winning artist to personalise the hull and who will be part of the selection process?

The contest was launched on International Artist Day on 25 October of this year and it is really simple to enter via a platform.

As a global company, we want artists from all around the world to enter. This is an incredible opportunity for the winning artist to showcase their art on a floating canvas, but also to share a really important message of sustainability through seas and ports worldwide.

A jury, including myself, sand artist JBen and architect Martin Francis will select the final overall winner.

Why did you work with Jben?

Joining me on the jury is sand artist Jben, known for his sustainable art - large-scale sand frescoes that literally wash away with the tide. We are pleased to have Jben along with us, as he travelled the world sculpting Beach Art not only in his native France, but also in the United States, Morocco, Holland and Portugal – raising awareness of sea-related environmental issues, encouraging marine protection and preservation. All while creating beautiful, sustainable art!

What are you looking for in terms of design and artistry?

As a family company, we’ve always been inspired by art and the emotions it elicits. We want to make art accessible and enjoyed by all and this was our philosophy when we launched the first fine art experience at sea with our exhibition of “Degas Danse Dessin”.

This project also seeks to bring art to people around the world only this time it is delivering an important message in terms of the need to protect the ocean.

As part of the jury, I will be looking for a design that truly captures our environmental commitment and brings something new to the table. The artists should take inspiration from the ship’s namesake - the ancient goddess Eurybia, who had mastery over the seas and harnessed the winds, weather and constellations. A true testament of mastery over the sea on our hull!

For more information about the MSC Euribia Hull Contest visit here