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Revitalized PortMiami terminal with increased capacity will house MSC Cruises’ next-generation ship MSC Seaside and the ultramodern MSC Divina 

MSC Cruises — the Swiss-based world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa — together with PortMiami, today celebrated the commencement of construction of cruise Terminal F at PortMiami. The project will not only rejuvenate and update the existing terminal to provide new contemporary amenities, but will also expand the terminal through the construction of a new building in order to house both MSC Cruises’ next-generation cruise ship MSC Seaside, as well as MSC Divina, which is currently sailing year-round from Terminal F at PortMiami.

The groundbreaking of the Terminal F renovation and expansion project comes on the heels of the float out ceremony — which signifies a major milestone of the ship being set into water for the first time — for MSC Seaside this past weekend.
“This is a very exciting time for MSC Cruises as we continue our expansion in the North American market. From working together with Miami-Dade County to provide a truly world-class experience for cruisers at Terminal F to committing our second and most innovative ship yet to the U.S. market, we are thrilled for the road ahead,” said Roberto Fusaro, president of MSC Cruises USA. “Today, as we break ground on MSC Seaside’s and MSC Divina’s new home, we are extremely proud to celebrate our ongoing commitment to better serving our guests.”

Along with PortMiami, MSC Cruises has been actively involved in the entire process of designing the new cruise terminal, helping ensure that the newly renovated and expanded terminal will meet the needs of its guests and result in an overall quick and seamless guest experience.
Enhancements to Terminal F at PortMiami will include:
  • Significantly expanded waiting area that is both comfortable and elegant with seating for up to 1,500 guests;
  • Expanded and improved VIP private waiting area to accommodate the increased number of guests able to sail in the MSC Yacht Club on MSC Seaside;
  • Separate dedicated waiting areas and lines to accommodate MSC Black Card members and guests booked in the Aurea Experience who receive priority embarkation;
  • Smoother disembarkation process with a more flexible and efficient baggage claim area; and
  • Facility advancements to accommodate the smart ship technology that will be available on MSC Seaside as it relates to the embarkation and disembarkation process.
The terminal, being renovated and expanded by Munilla Construction Management (MCM) is expected to be ready by December 1, 2017, just prior to MSC Seaside’s arrival in PortMiami on December 21, 2017 where she will join MSC Divina in sailing year-round to the Caribbean.

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