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• MSC Grandiosa to be christened on final night of celebration in Hamburg 
• Special guests include international celebrities Michelle Hunziker, Jochen Schropp, Annemarie & Wayne Carpendale, Mousse T. and Emma Lanford
• Sophia Loren to name her 15th MSC Cruises ship

MSC Cruises today christens MSC Grandiosa, its newest, most environmentally-advanced flagship, in the city of Hamburg, Germany on the fourth and final night of celebrations in the Blue Port. The cruise line’s largest and longest christening event ever, this is part of MSC Grandiosa’s series of celebrations over 27 days, 8 countries and 11 ports. Following the Christening, MSC Grandiosa will embark on a grand tour, visiting Southampton, UK; Lisbon, Portugal; Barcelona, Spain; Marseille, France and Genoa, Italy. Then MSC Grandiosa will commence her usual 7-night cruises starting November 23.

It’s an extraordinary welcome for an extraordinary ship. Designed to ensure even cleaner air emissions and improved overall environmental performance both at sea and ashore, MSC Grandiosa is equipped with advanced cutting-edge technologies and sets a new standard for sustainability at sea.

On board, guests of all ages and interests will find something exciting waiting, including:
  • Two original new shows from Cirque du Soleil at Sea exclusive to MSC Cruises guests
  • A 305-ft.-long Mediterranean Promenade lined with international shops and restaurants
  • An immersive art experience featuring etchings from Edgar Degas’ Danse Dessin series
  • Dedicated children’s areas designed in partnership with Chicco and LEGO
  • The world’s first virtual digital cruise assistant – ZOE – in every stateroom
Since arriving in Hamburg on November 6, MSC Grandiosa has been the subject and star of an immersive lightshow at the German city’s Blue Port. Spectacular light installations by renowned artist Michael Batz have bathed the port in shades of blue reminiscent of the sea to symbolize MSC Cruises’ long-standing commitment to the ocean. And, MSC Grandiosa’s striking silhouette can be seen shimmering alongside the famous Elbphilharmonie on Hamburg’s Elbe river.
The traditional Christening ceremony will take place in different locations across the ship, hosted by talented actress, TV presenter, model and singer, Michelle Hunziker alongside co-host TV host & actor Jochen Schropp, one of Germany’s favorite entertainers.

The festivities don’t stop there – a purpose-built “MSC Village” on the banks of the River Elbe will bring the festivities to shore, welcoming 5,000 locals to experience the christening from land with live music and food trucks. Guests be joined by the popular German TV couple Annemarie & Wayne Carpendale who will act as presenters and hosts.

The evening’s main spectacle will occur as MSC Grandiosa passes the Elbphilharmonie just as a special lightshow illuminates the building and ship. She’ll then take center stage on the River Elbe as Godmother Sophia Loren officially names her 15th MSC Cruises ship, followed by a celebratory firework display. MSC Grandiosa will then pass through a spectacular gateway of blue light returning to her dock, symbolizing the new ship’s entry to the world.

Guests onboard will then enjoy a gourmet four course menu created by renowned 3 Michelin starred German chef Harald Wohlfahrt at the Gala Dinner. The menu for guests will start with Chilled king crab salad with crustacean coulis and imperial caviar or Guinea fowl napoleon with apple-ginger quenelle, Riesling gelée and brioche. Next up will be the traditional German dish, “Maultasche” – pasta filled with winter truffles and pistou sauce. The main dish will be Oven-roasted turbot in a saffron-mussel fumet and vegetable mélange, or Duo of veal tenderloin and braised cheek, tender savoy cabbage, glazed carrot and roasted herb jus. Finishing off the gourmet feast, guests can choose a Pistachio parfait with orange granité and exotic fruit cocktail or Chocolate tart with caramelized pears and vanilla-mascarpone ice cream.

Guests will then dance into the night in the Galleria Grandiosa, the ship’s iconic 305-ft.-long Mediterranean promenade where popular German DJ Mousse T. and British singer Emma Lanford will perform.

MSC Grandiosa will begin regular 7-night cruises in the Western Mediterranean from November 23 with six embarkation ports calling Genoa, Civitavecchia, Italy; Palermo, Sicily; Valetta, Malta; Barcelona, Spain; and Marseille, France.

To find out more about MSC Grandiosa visit here.
See the MSC Grandiosa Hero video here.
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Notes for Editors
MSC Grandiosa and 10 other ships in MSC Cruises’ fleet of 17 ships are currently equipped for cleaner emissions with hybrid EGCS’ which remove 98 percent of sulphur dioxide from a ship’s exhausts. The line’s six other ships will be retrofitted with the technology by the end of 2021 and, until then, will use low sulphur fuels and comply fully at all times with the strictest existing as well as new maritime regulations.

MSC Grandiosa is the first of three Meraviglia-Plus ships to join MSC Cruises’ fleet to be followed in 2020 by MSC Virtuosa and then LNG-powered World Class MSC Europa in 2022. It is MSC Cruises’ fifth new ship to enter into service in the past 30 months and is part of the Company’s plan to build a total of 13 highly-innovative and environmentally-sound cruise ships between 2017 and 2027, plus an additional four to operate under a yet-to-be named luxury cruise brand.
World Class is the sixth new prototype developed by MSC Cruises. The ships will be characterized by their revolutionary architecture, environmental performance and energy-efficient design, including a straight bow to improve further the stability of the ship and provide even greater guest comfort.

MSC Grandiosa’s environmental specifications:
  • Energy-efficient hull and overall design: 28 percent less fuel compared to Fantasia Class ships (entered in service between 2008-2013) which represents a reduction of 255kg less carbon dioxide per passenger, per cruise.
  • Hydrodynamics: optimized hull design and latest generation azipods and propellers.
  • Hybrid Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS): 98 percent less sulphur oxide through a system which can operate in closed loop.
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction system: 90 percent less nitrogen oxide through active emissions control technology.
  • Shore-to-ship power: fully ready to connect to local power grid to reduce emissions while at berth in port.
  • Advanced waste management: comprehensive systems to reduce, recycle and reuse all waste aspects on board.
  • Ballast water treatment system: a system to avoid introducing invading species through ballast water.
  • Advanced wastewater treatment: the system treats wastewater to a very high quality and the end product is of a better standard than most shoreside municipal waste standards around the world.
  • Smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC): two high- and low-heat recovery loops to intelligently redistribute heat and cold from the laundry room and machinery spaces to warm up the swimming pools or other parts of the ship.
  • Trim Optimization: a software application to monitor and optimize trim, the ship’s stability, in real-time. This technology supports ship officers to keep the vessel’s trim optimized to reduce fuel consumption and enhance performance.
  • Energy-saving LED lighting: all MSC Cruises ships use only energy efficient LED and fluorescent lighting.
  • Hull paints: the hulls of all MSC Cruises’ ships are coated with special environmentally-friendly paints which impede the growth of barnacles, algae and marine organisms in order to reduce drag significantly.

MSC Grandiosa’s other specifications:
  • Ship name: MSC Grandiosa
  • Ship class: Meraviglia-Plus
  • Delivery date: October 31, 2019
  • Gross tonnage: 181,000
  • Lower berth capacity: 4,842
  • Total number of passengers: 6,334
  • Crew members: 1,704
  • Number of staterooms: 2,421
  • Length / Beam / Height: 1,087 ft. / 141 ft. / 213 ft.
  • Maximum speed: 22.3 knots

MSC Europa’s other specifications:
  • Ship name: MSC Europa
  • Ship class: World Class
  • Delivery date: May 2022
  • Gross tonnage: 205,700
  • Lower berth capacity: 5,264
  • Total number of guests: 6,761 (5,264 based on double occupancy)
  • Crew members: 2,139
  • Number of staterooms: 2,632
  • Length / Beam / Height: 1,094 ft. / 154 ft. / 223 ft.