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• Two new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows to launch on board MSC Bellissima

• SYMA – Sail beyond Imagination and VARÉLIA – Love in Full Color
• These two original shows will be exclusive to MSC Cruises guests and cannot be seen anywhere else in the world

MSC Cruises has revealed today details of the two new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows that are being created specifically for MSC Bellissima. The breath-taking shows will be called SYMA – Sail beyond Imagination and VARÉLIA – Love in Full Color and will be available exclusively to MSC Bellissima guests, following her launch in March 2019.

The long-term partnership between MSC Cruises and Cirque du Soleil first began in 2013 and has since set new standards in live entertainment at sea. The partnership, in total, will result in eight original shows that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, exclusively on MSC Cruises’ Meraviglia generation ships coming into service between 2017 and 2020. MSC Meraviglia was the first ship to debut the new Cirque du Soleil at Sea concept with the launch of the two shows VIAGGIO and SONOR last June. Work is already underway for MSC Grandiosa, launching in November 2019, and MSC Virtuosa, launching October 2020.

Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman commented, “The partnership with Cirque du Soleil is truly special. With the creation of Cirque du Soleil at Sea we wanted to bring our guests the very best in onboard live entertainment and more importantly something that they would not be able to see anywhere else in the world. As a family company, all of our strategic partnerships are built on shared values and a shared vision — a true collaboration from beginning to end. With Cirque du Soleil at Sea we wanted to bring yet more innovation to our entertainment offering, and this began with the bespoke design and construction of the state-of-the-art entertainment lounge — the only such venue at sea — through to the creative development of the shows, where we are involved every step of the way from early conception right through to final delivery of the shows.”

Yasmine Khalil, Chief Executive Producer, Cirque du Soleil & President, 45 DEGREES stated, “We are thrilled to embark on our second MSC Cruises ship as we pursue Cirque du Soleil’s journey at sea. We could not have wished for a better partnership where thanks to the purposely built theater, the Carousel Lounge, our teams can unleash their creativity and continue to push the boundaries of entertainment at sea. Joining VIAGGIO and SONOR, our first two shows on MSC Meraviglia, Cirque du Soleil continues to reinvent itself through an intimate theater experience, where two new shows are created exclusively for MSC Bellissima which promise to take MSC Cruises’ guests on an entirely new journey. We look forward to revealing some of the details of these 2 new shows.”
Mr Vago continued, “It is really quite incredible that we will develop together eight original shows, two for each of the initial four Meraviglia class ships. Every element of each show is unique from the concept and storyline, the characters, the costumes and make-up through to the music, staging and sound effects. This is unparalleled within the cruise industry and means that guests are able to experience original, truly distinct and spectacular Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows only on board our Meraviglia generation ships.”

SYMA – Sail Beyond Imagination takes viewers on the epic journey of a young sailor, brimming with imagination. On this bold expedition, he braves the elements, plunges into troubled waters and discovers the mysterious island of his dreams, populated by surreal, and colorful creatures. We all carry our own imaginary island inside of us, so what are you waiting for? SYMA awaits. Immersive video images, an original set design, bioluminescent lighting and acrobatic feats make SYMA an unforgettable show.

VARÉLIA – Love in Full Color puts a futuristic twist on a traditional medieval tale. It traces the arduous course of an unconventional courtship between a princess with distinctive violet skin and a charming hero who is blind. Their budding romance is thwarted by a villain who, in a fit of madness, kidnaps the royal. With the help of his friends, the brave young hero formulates a plan to rescue his beloved. Delight in the acrobatic feats, the laser show and the unique set design of this futuristic medieval tale.

The Carousel Lounge is a purpose-built entertainment venue hosting just over 400 guests each night and specially designed for the needs of the Cirque du Soleil at Sea artists. Creating an immersive and intimate spectacle for MSC Cruises guests, the space allows viewers to fully connect with the artists. With an investment of €20 million each (approx. $22.7MM USD), the lounge features state-of-the-art technology and high specification technical features to deliver an exceptional and memorable entertainment experience for guests. The 360° rotating stage is set in the middle of the lounge with seating all around to maximize the viewing experience.

The central stage also rotates, meaning guests can see the action from different angles during every performance. Another important element to the impressive stage layout is a 131-ft.-long LED screen, which is integral to each show and creates an immersive performance. Cirque du Soleil performances are renowned for their aerial acts, and special rigging has been developed on board to enable the artists to perform their impressive aerial acrobatics. The shows on board MSC Bellissima will feature additional new and exciting special effects and features.

Positioned at the aft of the ship on deck 7, the Carousel Lounge offers stunning views of the ocean. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views and pre-show entertainment while having dinner or sipping a cocktail before the performance starts.

The artists for the new shows have now been cast and, after training at Cirque du Soleil Headquarters in Montreal, Canada, the team will soon embark on board MSC Bellissima where final preparations will be underway. All of the artists have been carefully selected for their special performance skills and the specific needs of the two shows. The performers have also been trained to the high standards required of Cirque du Soleil performers.
Cirque du Soleil at Sea is a pre-booked experience for guests with competitive rates and can be booked in advance, or on board during the cruise, if availability allows. Guests can either book to enjoy a three-course menu of palate-pleasing dishes served before the show ($39). Or sip on a specialty cocktail ($17) and enjoy the pre-show that begins 30 minutes before the start of the Cirque du Soleil at Sea performance.