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Tongue-in-cheek new clip launched in five languages

12 June 2014 - MSC Cruises has launched a compelling new video clip called Keep On Discovering, which celebrates the life-enriching pleasure of cruising while paying tongue-in-cheek homage to the forgotten follies of youth.

The 75-second video contrasts tantalizing images of life on board an MSC cruise ship with an ironic voiceover that reminds us of how our tastes evolve as we mature.  

As the camera pans alluringly across a luxurious cabin aboard MSC Splendida, we are asked, “Remember when you were young, those hostel nights with ten other people snoring in the same room while you were trying to sleep?” 

Where once we relished the sweaty thrills of an outdoor music festival, we now seek the pampered Mediterranean experience found on every MSC cruise.  

What follows is a panoply of the sort of teenage escapades that made us what we are today: “always open to experiencing new emotions in a different way.” 

Created by Italian viral media agency Mosaicoon, Keep On Discovering is a visual expression of the enthusiasm, energy and easy-going essence of the MSC Cruises experience.  

The warmth and vitality of the Mediterranean way of life are captured by mesmerizing images of indigo seas under shimmering sunlight, cloudless skies and immaculately presented cuisine. 

Keep On Discovering went live today on MSC Cruises global YouTube channel and other dedicated pages, where visitors can download MSC Cruises’ new 2014 / 2016 brochure and product book. In addition, the clip forms a key pillar of an MSC Cruises push to engage new and experienced cruisers via digital and social media, using the #MedWayofLife hashtag. 

 “MSC Cruises’ Mediterranean identity lies at the heart of every cruise we offer, from outstanding cuisine to attentive hospitality in an unhurried setting,” said MSC Cruises Chief Marketing Officer, Luca Catzola. “Keep on Discovering captures the notion that although we change and our tastes evolve, the desire to discover new emotions, new places and new experiences never leaves us.”