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  • ‘MSC Hotels & Flights’ enables travel agents and prospective guests to tailor their travel experience.
  • Huge range of flights and more than 13,500 hotels in 40 global destinations.
  • The service offers enhanced protection to guests ensuring the greatest peace of mind.
  • Most comprehensive and user-friendly online service currently available in the cruise industry.

MSC Cruises, the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company and leading cruise brand in Europe, South America, South Africa and the Gulf, today launched a new online service: MSC Hotels & Flights. This online search service offers travel agents and prospective guests a fast and powerful tool to build personalised travel experiences, in a dynamic way with a complete package. The new service will offer even greater peace of mind as MSC Cruises will provide comprehensive cover for guests for the full trajectory of the journey. This easy to use and comprehensive service will create additional opportunities for travel agents to further increase their business from MSC Cruises sales. After a successful pilot test, the service is now available in the UK & Ireland and will be available in all markets globally by summer 2020.

MSC Hotels & Flights is a new feature on MSC Book, MSC Cruises’ official business portal for trade partners,  which allows travel agents to tailor the journey around a cruise holiday. Guests making their own cruise reservation can also book directly through the Company’s website. The online service allows a wide range of flights, private transfers and over 13,500 hotels in nearly 40 destinations around the world to be added to a cruise booking and help travel agents create a fully personalised experience for their customers.

MSC Cruises’ Vice President Global Sales, Achille Staiano said: "This new online service is designed to  offer agents and guests a simple and dynamic way to build a tailored holiday from beginning to end. MSC Hotels & Flights will make travel planning even easier when booking a cruise holiday. Spending an additional few days sightseeing after a cruise in the beautiful cities where we embark or disembark will be easier than ever, and travel agents can now further enrich an unparalleled holiday experience.”

Antonio Paradiso, Managing Director MSC Cruises UK & Ireland
, added: “With MSC Hotels & Flights, travel agents in UK & Ireland will have access to the most comprehensive tool available, offering the broadest range of choice for their clients. Providing a seamless and hassle-free journey will be easier than ever. The service also represents greater peace of mind for travel agents as MSC Cruises assures cover for guests who have their hotels, flights and transfers booked through the service.”

The search service is the most comprehensive one in the industry and can be used by travel agents on MSC Book or directly by guests on the MSC Cruises website
MSC Hotels & Flights will be available for the most common departure and arrival destinations. The service is currently available in UK & Ireland and will be accessible to travel agents and guests in all markets by summer 2020.


Note to editors

How does it work?
After completing a cruise booking, travel agents or guests will be able to add the following three complementary steps to their planned trip:

1.    Select a hotel in the ports of embarkation and disembarkation.
2.    Select the closest airport and convenient flights.
3.    Complete the booking with private transfers.