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• Eight is the max number of holiday images Brits want to see from their friends 
• Two thirds (64%) of Brits say too many holiday snaps create FOMO
• New York, Paris and Rome top the league for the most social media worthy cities

Friday 14th June, London – We’ve all been there, after months of waiting for our dream holiday we can’t help sharing snaps of it on social media, but there’s a fine line between making your followers green with envy and becoming guilty of ‘holiday spam’. According to new research by MSC Cruises you can share up to eight images of your holiday before your pictures are considered ‘holiday spam’, despite 62% of us stating holidays are most likely to make us post on our social channels.

The survey of 2,000 Instagram users has found that over half of us (54%) love to see our friends’ holiday snaps, however, posting any more than eight images and two thirds of us (64%) say they get a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) when we see pictures from other people’s holidays.

It’s not all bad news as when the balance is right, holiday snaps are the images that get the most engagement (36%), over pictures of our pets (24%) and pictures with our friends (23%). Engagement with our posts is important to us with almost a third of us (28%) stating our pictures don’t get as many likes as they think that they deserve.

So, if it’s maximum engagement you’re after, it’s images that are taken somewhere new that bring us the most likes (58%), because it makes them more varied (56%) and helps followers see somewhere new (31%). Beautiful landscapes (53%), iconic locations (32%), and images of the sea (29%) top the poll for the most loved type of holiday imagery.

When it comes to where to take the best pics the top 10 best cities were found to be:
1. New York: 37%
2. Paris: 28%
3. Rome: 26%
4. Barcelona: 26%
5. Venice: 25%
6. Dubai: 22%
7. Tokyo: 20%
8. Naples: 14%
9. Monaco: 13%
10. Abu Dhabi: 12%

Brock and Betty Jeffrey, social influencers and MSC Cruises ambassadors, said: “We love to travel the world and share our experiences with friends and family, and it’s great to see that holidays provide the best places to take pictures. However, we’re conscious not to flood our social channels with too many images as we know it can feel too much. We try to post once a day as this gives our followers a good idea of where we are and what we’re doing, without spamming them with too much to see.”

The couple continued, “Travelling by cruise ship is perfect as you can be in a new port nearly every day – giving you plenty of opportunities to fill up your feed with beautiful images, but obviously just make sure you’re not sending too many home!”

With a wide choice of beautiful destinations, stunning sea views, sunrises and stylish ships full of activities, a cruise is the perfect place to fill that Instagram grid full of aspirational content. For more information or to book, a cruise visit , call 020 3426 3010 or visit your local travel agent.

For more images from Brock & Betty’s travels see @polar_brock on Instagram or visit
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1. Research undertaken by OnePoll in February 2019 of 2,000 UK Instagram Users

Photography assets
Images from the respective top 10 destinations can be downloaded on each of the following links:
1. New York
2. Paris
3. Rome
4. Barcelona
5. Venice
6. Dubai
7. Tokyo
8. Naples
9. Monaco
10. Abu Dhabi