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Game of Thrones might be nearing the end of its final season, but fans will be able to keep the magic alive on their next holiday with MSC Cruises. Below are the top five G.O.T destinations, sure to make viewers relive the shows epic scenes well after it disappears from our screens.

When it comes to TV show nostalgia, Reykavik has led the front of the pack ever since Game of Thrones made its way into everyone’s weekly schedule. Iceland’s capital is home to Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site which serves as the stunning backdrop for flashbacks throughout the shows seasons. G.O.T globetrotters can also discover the picturesque Kirkjufell mountain on the north coast of the European hotspot, more commonly recognised by fans as ‘Arrowhead mountain’. Growing into one of Europe’s buzzing city break destinations, Reykavik’s natural beauty including Grjótagjá Cave, Lake Myvatn and Skogafoss waterfall are enough to provide any G.O.T addict with a blissful moment of Déjà vu.
Enjoy an 11 night cruise on board MSC Prezioza departing from Hamburg on 26 May visiting Iceland’s highlights including Reykjavik, Isafjordur and Akureyri. Prices start from £899 per person on a on a cruise only basis.
The Southern city of Dubrovnik has been at the heart of some of G.O.T most epic scenes thanks to its fortress-like walls and idyllic medieval aesthetic. One of the city’s leading stars has been its Old Town bursting with beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque monasteries, palaces and fountains, earning it recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. For the ultimate flashback to G.O.T, the neighboring city of Split is home to the show’s dragon training grounds located in the throne room of the majestic fourth century Diocletian Palace. From Roman ruins to white marble streets, Croatia offers a glimpse into the shows captivating storylines.
Enjoy a 4 night cruise on board MSC Opera departing from Venice on 31 October visiting Dubrovnik and Zadar, as well as the Mediterranean’s cultural hotspot Kotor in Montenegro. Prices start from £349 per person on a on a cruise only basis.
King’s Landing, the royal capital of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, has become a focal point of G.O.T, and its regular Mediterranean backdrop of Valetta in Malta is nothing short of magical. Scattered throughout the cobbled streets of the island’s capital are some of the show’s most remarkable locations including, the 17th-century Fort Ricasoli that boasts panoramic views across the Grand Harbour, Mdina, one of Europe’s best preserved ancient walled cities, and the lesser-known but equally impressive St.Dominic’s convent, home to an awe-inspiring statue of the Holy Virgin. Bursting with culture and a rich history, Malta offers an insight into the story and inspiration behind Game of Thrones.
Enjoy a 5 night cruise on board MSC Bellissima departing from Barcelona on 01 November visiting Valletta, as well as the Mediterranean’s cultural hotspot’s Messina and Naples before reaching Barcelona. Prices start from £529 per person on a cruise only basis.
Spanish backdrops have become a frequent sight in G.O.T, covering the ancient ruins inland to the fortress covered coastlines of the Iberian peninsula. One of Seville’s most emblematic buildings a UNESCO World Heritage site, The Alcázar of Seville, a 19th century palace built for Spanish royalty, has doubled as the House Martell residence and the home of in the infamous Sand Snakes. Similarly, the historically diverse city of Girona, a short train ride from Barcelona, served as the backdrop for one of the show’s most exhilarating chase scenes, as well as the iconic scenes between Arya Stark and the Waif in the beautifully-preserved 12th century Arab baths.
Enjoy a 12 night cruise on board MSC Poesia departing from Marseille on 23 October visiting Malaga and Barcelona and the Canary Island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Prices start from £899 per person on a cruise only basis.
With a unique Middle Eastern vibe and the backdrop of some of G.O.T most epic episodes, Morrocco offers fans some of the most remarkable locations. The red-brick Ait-Ben-Haddou, a fortified 17th century village and UNESCO World Heritage site, is known by buffs as the yellow city of Yunkai. Located between Marrakech and the Sahara on an old trade route, the city made of clay is one the standout sites from the hit series. In the nearby coastal town of Essaouira, fans will find the picturesque ramparts of Essaouira port, known on the show as Astapor. The medieval architecture will transport visitors back to scenes of Daenaerys buying her army of the areas native Unsullied warriors.
Enjoy a 9 night cruise on board MSC Preziosa departing from Marseille on 06 November visiting Morrocco’s capital of Marrakech visiting Lisbon and Barcelona, as well as neighbouring Marseille. Prices start from £829 per person on a cruise only basis.