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MSC Seascape

New Horizons At Sea

The first of the Seaside Class, MSC Seaside provides her guests with an immersive experience truly connecting them to the sea. 

MSC Seascape is truly breathtaking with standout design features such as the Bridge of Sighs above her infinity pool, panoramic aft elevators providing endless views of the sea and a waterfront promenade with glass-floor catwalk. Starting at deck 5 reaching all the way to deck 8 is the monumental sculpture, Incanto del Mare or Magic of the Sea created by esteemed glassmakers Venini.  The sculpture's message of stewardship over the sea and makes MSC Seascape a perfect location for the sculpture.

For thrillseekrs MSC Seascape has much to offer onoard, Robotron is the cruise industry's first interactive thrill ride sending passengers 175 feet above sea. The state-of-the-art robotic arm with an attached gondola provides a 360° unobstructed view of the ocean complete with flips, different thrill settings and audiovisuals. 

MSC Seascape boasts 20 themed bars and offers a wide range of outdoor venues that make the most of her endless sea views. MSC Seascape has something for all the family with 98 hours of live entertainment per cruise and 700 square metres of dedicated kids' space.