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MSC Seaside

The ship that follows the sun

MSC Seaside is the first of a completely new and innovative generation of cruise ships being built by MSC Cruises. With this new prototype inspired by an elegant beach condo, MSC Cruises has pushed the boundaries with its bold design concept and demonstrates the Company’s continued commitment to put the guest experience at the centre of all innovation and product development. Every element of the ship is designed to bring the guests closer to the sea with special design features such as a unique 360° ocean level promenade, panoramic glass lifts, a breath-taking 30-metre bridge on the top deck and, with 76% of the cabins positioned on the outside of the ship, guests will never be far from a view of the ocean.

MSC Seaside brings to life the key distinguishing elements of the MSC Cruises’ experience. An extensive range of comfortable accommodation will meet the different needs of a wide range of cruise guests including chic aft corner suites as part of the unique beach condo design, clever modular cabins designed for families and groups of up to ten people as well as a collection of exclusive balcony cabins with a private terrace overlooking the promenade. Additionally, the MSC Yacht Club has been taken to the next level. Located on the prestigious foredecks offering a 1,600 metre private sun deck, a private lounge and restaurant, this unique ship-within-a-ship concept first introduced by MSC Cruises has been expanded over five decks and now features two coveted apartment suites with a living room and a large balcony with a dining area and private whirlpool.